Andro Giorgadze, MD

Dr. Giorgadze is a double Board Certified Psychiatrist specializing in ketamine therapy and clinical research.

Dr. Giorgadze received Psychiatry training at Emory University in 2005 and has been involved in clinical research investigating new promising treatments for Depression, Bipolar disorder , ADHD, Schizophrenia and OCD. 

While doing clinical research on Ketamine in 2011-2014 , Dr. Giorgadze observed significant benefits of ketamine in the treatment of Depression and started offering this therapy to clients outside of research in 2012.

Since then, Dr. Giorgadze has successfully treated thousands of patients with treatment resistant depression.

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Ketamine Treatment - Commonly Asked Questions


  •  Major Depressive disorder

  •  Chronic Depression , e.g when there are ongoing depressive symptoms over 2 years - Depression not  responding to standard antidepressants treatments

  •  Inability to take standard antidepressants due to side effects

  •  PTSD - post-traumatic stress disorder

  •  Generalized Anxiety Disorder

  •  Chronic Neuropathic Pain


  •  Current manic or psychotic symptoms

  •  Hx of severe psychotic episodes

  •  Current serious substance abuse issues

  •  Intent to get pregnant in the near future

  •  Unstable epilepsy-e.g frequent, severe seizures, not currently medicated

  •  Unstable heart conditions and severe unstable hypertension ( patient with severe and unstable heart conditions must receive a clearance from cardiologist )

Side Effects

  •  Short-term - lasting no more than a few hours: sedation, fatigue, limited concentration, nausea,  dizziness, impaired coordination

  •  Longer-term- lasting a few days: restlessness, insomnia, vivid dreams, feeling energized, increase in  anxiety and mood fluctuations

  •  Very short-term- lasting a few minutes: dream-like states of mind, feeling detached from one’s body,  perceptual changes, imaging colorful shapes, intensification of sounds or lights, sensitivity to noises,  feeing spiritual connections, feeling like melting away, slowed down breathing, elevation of blood  pressure, dry mouth, feeing numb

Mechanism of Action

  •  The exact mechanism of action is unknown. Current theory is that ketamine treatments when done  repeatedly stimulate growth of neurons and connections between neurons — this process is called  neurogenesis

  •  Other mechanisms of actions including psychotherapeutic are possible


 Treatment Protocol

  •  Usually, six initial treatment are recommenced over a period of 3-4 weeks

  •  This may result in complete resolution of symptoms which is called remission

  •  Some patients with severe or chronic depressive symptoms may require additional treatments

  •  Some patients benefit from ongoing maintenance treatment after initial six treatments , frequency is established on a case by case basis

Ketamine treatment cost - $350 per 1 hour treatment.

If you have any questions, please email to androg@gmail.com

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